Shiatsu Massage or Tantsu focuses on particular points of body that are linked to energy flow. It is a new way of being together in the interplay of breath, movement and stillness.Shiatsu Tantric Massage uses finger pressure at varying speed and intensity and you will experience unbelievable muscular relief in London & West London including serving Marylebone, Mayfair, Paddington, South Kensington, Knightsbridge and nearby areas.


Our sensual masseuses offer a soul-stirring journey with Shiatsu massage in London

The literary meaning of the word ‘Shiatsu’ is ‘finger pressure.’ It is an ancient massage form that has been practiced in Japan and China for ages. The entire essence of Shiatsu is to harmonize the mind, body, and soul. The use of finger pressure on the body’s pressure points revitalizes tired limbs and joints, and in the process, helps release blocked energy or Qi. The body’s circulatory system is rejuvenated, and you feel the pleasure as the pent-up energy and adrenalin bounce back with all enthusiasm in your body.

The joys and the relaxation associated with this ancient massage therapy can be felt only when practiced fingers offer Shiatsu massage in London. You need someone who understands precisely the reason why you feel tired or pain in your muscles. At Deluxe Tantric in London, your needs are given the highest priority. We first hear what our clients feel and their reasons for coming in for Shiatsu massage in London.

Why come to us?

Our masseuses are all trained in the art of Shiatsu massage to offer you an incredible experience, leaving your senses and soul satisfied from the core. With the scintillating and sensual touch on the pressure points of your body with their thumbs, fingers, hands, elbows, knees, and feet, you will instantly be transitioned into a fantasy world that is refreshing, relaxing, and soul-stirring.

We also offer similar mind-boggling intimate Shiatsu massage in Paddington, Marylebone, South Kensington, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and more. We are experts in erotic Shiatsu single and spouse massages to loosen you up, invigorating the mind and the body. Our girls are known for breathing in a fresh lease of life into your physical and mental faculties with outstanding strokes and gentle fingers for an impactful and lingering Shiatsu massage in Paddington.

Interested to know more? Call us for an appointment today and choose from our stylish masseuses! An invoking experience, a journey that will leave an ever-lasting impression on your mind, we at Deluxe Tantric smilingly go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ happiness and optimal satisfaction. We promise you that once you walk in through our front doors, you will always want to come back, again and again!